Bob George


Commercial Strategy • Acquisitions and Divestment • Negotiations

Competent Person Reports • Financing, Listing, Shareholder  and Transaction Information Memorandums

Governmental Petroleum Policy • Petroleum Taxation  • Licensing Advice and Management

Dispute Resolution  • Expert reporting and Testimony • Litigation and Arbitration Support

Bob has 48 years international experience in the oil and gas industry.  He has a history of success in advising governments, NOCs and IOCs on petroleum policy and licensing; due diligence for acquisitions, divestments and financing; and in expert reporting and testimony in dispute resolution matters, particularly in connection with valuations and losses. 

Bob has jointly presented a video on Key Issues In Reserves Analysis for the AIPN University, and is a co-author of a paper on the Valuation of Upstream Oil and Gas Assets in the April 2019 edition of the Journal of World Energy Law and Business. 

Tel (US):  +1    713 530 5866

Tel (UK):  +44  7858 064045