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Audit and Assurance of Documentation and Procedures  • Process Effectiveness Evaluation • Personnel Development and Training

Most organisations have processes to ensure quality. These range from specifically technical processes, the separate domain and the purview of specific experts, through to processes aimed at holistic integrative assurance.

The challenge is to ensure that that the processes not only deliver the required quality, but do so without becoming over-prescriptive and creating an overhead that is ineffective and can lead to avoidance or circumvention.  Obtaining the right balance is never easy. 

Whether in office-based needs dealing with statutory or in-house reporting, or where operational and HSE matters are of concern, Ulysses Petroleum Management has the experience both to set up new processes and train company personnel, or to audit, certify and refresh existing procedures. 

Specific experience in Corporate Process Assurance includes

  • E&P Risk Management, Unitization & Redetermination, Unitization and Unit Operating Agreement (UUOA) advice, reviews and training

  • Competency-based development program for technical and commercial resources and project management

  • Well selection and delivery procedure and process

  • Hydrocarbon resource evaluation and reporting processes (internal and external)

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