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Expert Reporting • Testimony • Client/Tribunal Support • Mediation
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The concept of independence is key to the provision of expert services.

It is essential that everyone involved - legal counsel, the client, and the tribunal or other adjudicating body - have full faith in in the expert's opinions.

It is equally important that the client and client's counsel also understand not just the positive aspects of their arguments, but also the areas where opposing counsel and experts are likely to want to try and exploit.

Given that expert subject matter is, by its very nature, specialist it is also crucial that opinions can be communicated in language and reporting that can be understood clearly by non-specialist audiences.

Expert work in the petroleum sector frequently requires both technical and commercial / financial topics to be addressed.  A key challenge when this occurs is to ensure a seamless understanding between the different subject matter experts, which can be challenging when these come from different firms.

Ulysses Petroleum Management has the expertise to cover much of the petroleum value chain, ensuring that when required such expert support and testimony can be provided by a team that are used to work together.  This means that they understand not just the words, but also the context and nuances of what each other are saying, ensuring that reporting is similarly coherent. 

Experience in Dispute Resolution matters includes

  • Valuation concerning the taking of assets by Governments

    • Ukraine/Crimea (UNCITRAL, Permanent Court of Arbitration)

    • Commonwealth of Australia (Australian courts)

    • Latin America (Mediation)

    • Latin America (ICSID/ICC)

  • Valuation of other matters in disputes regarding failed licensing, sale, or farm-in agreements

    • Eastern Europe  (UNCITRAL)

    • Eastern Europe (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce)

    • China (AAA)

    • Colombia (ICC)

    • Mexico (LCIA)

    • Indonesia (Singapore International Arbitration Centre)

    • Indonesia (High Court, Singapore)

    • Australia (London Arbitration)

  • Litigation by shareholder groups:

    • Russia  (Stockholm Chamber of Commerce)

    • Canada  (Alberta Court of Queen's Bench)

    • New Zealand  (NZ Arbitration Act)

    • Kazakhstan (Delaware US courts)

    • Algeria (UNCITRAL)

  • Expert opinion involving disputes in host government contracts: 

    • Oman (ICC)

    • North African country (ICC)

    • Albania (ICC)​

  • Expert opinion involving taxation authorities: 

    • UK Inland Revenue

    • Australian Tax Office

    • US Internal Revenue Service

  • Public hearings for planning consent

    • UK​

  • Lost profits insurance claims and valuations

    • UKCS

    • Syria​

    • Libya

  • Unitization and Redetermination disputes and support

    • UK and Norway​

    • North, East and West Africa

    • South East Asia

    • Australia

    • Latin America

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