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Hedging Bets on Energy Transition

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Pleased to have "Zoomed In" for a chat with Kaitlyn Allen and Tomas Salazar at Global Affairs Associates on Hedging Bets on Energy Transition.

This includes a discussion on whether 2020 has slowed or accelerated moves to transition, how the Atlantic plays a role in trying to answer this question, and what small and medium sized producers and service companies should be doing to protect themselves going forward.

For those who don't have 37 minutes to watch everything, please click here for video jump-to points:

00:00 - Introduction - Kaitlyn Allen

02:30 - Will energy transition be slowed or accelerated after COVID ? - Bob George

09:00 - ESG is the HSE of 2020 - Tomas Salazar

20:00 - Advice for small and mid-cap companies and independents on energy transition - Kaitlyn

21:00 - "I'm not sure hedging your bets is what I would advise..." -- Bob and Tomas

27:30 - How the conversation about ESG and climate changed in Houston in 2019 - Kaitlyn

29:00 - A Transatlantic comparison - Bob

31:00 - Geothermal and oil & gas, Pivot2020 - Kaitlyn

33:00 - Latin America perspective - Tomas

35:00 - Conclusions - Kaitlyn


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