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Building Governance Model • Value Maximisation 

• Corporate Representation at OCM/TCM

Joint Ventures are created for a variety of reasons including; sharing risks, political exposure or regulatory requirements, access to capital,  technology, resources and more.  The objective to maximise value creation that could not be achieved by the entity on its own.

Frequently the desired objectives of the JVs are not fully realised due to a variety of underlying reasons including a lack of clear partner alignment on issues such as; the strategic objectives, decision making governance process, transfer pricing and risk management , how to source and reward JV personnel and parent Company commitment.


While the root cause often lies in the agreements themselves, it is not unusual for this to be exacerbated though the personal interactions between the partners and the manner in which contracts are actually executed.


Ulysses Petroleum Management's focus is to bring the broad experience in crafting and operationally running these types of agreement to a client's JV in order to maximise value generation through transparency and operational efficiency.  

Experience in Joint Venture Governance includes

  • TCM and OCM representation for multi-partner IOC JVs​​ for projects in Central Asia and South East Asia

  • Project and JV Operations Manager in FSU Arctic JV, Middle East, offshore Australia and South East Asia

  • JV Development Manager for IOC/partners entry into North Africa

  • JV partner in exploration, appraisal and development projects in Latin America

  • JV Operator commitment appraisal in non-FSU Arctic


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