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Successful due diligence requires not only being able to see detail, as encapsulated in project due diligence, but also being able to stand back and see that that a proposed transaction or investment meets the broader strategic objectives.

This typically manifests itself in boundary or interface areas such as between different technical disciplines, or in the integration of technical, commercial and strategic analysis.  The issue is magnified where multiple parties of varied backgrounds are collaborating, and where the necessary cross-disciplined capability is limited.


An analogy is in a negotiation between parties who have limited conversation skills outside of their own first language.  Each picks up certain words of what others are saying, and perhaps even follows the gist of what is being said, but often misses crucial detail and messaging. 

Ulysses Petroleum Management's focus is to bring the broad experience to ensure that the entire set of transaction objectives are understood, that the due diligence results are delivered and communicated in clear language that can be understood by all, and that these are set within the context of the overall transaction objective.

Experience in Transaction Due Diligence includes

  • Strategic, technical and commercial advice relating to transactions ranging from multi-billion dollar market listings including YPF, Petrobras, Statoil to small cap IPOs; joint mandate for BNDES (Brazil National Development Bank) on valuation of Petrobras prior to decision on future shareholding; ANP prior to Petrobras recapitalization

  • Collaborated with many companies interested in developing their portfolios by identifying acquisition or divestment assets and/or companies, and preparing defense for hostile takeover activity


  • Valuation opinions and Competent Person’s Reports for internal use, A&D support  or for market listings on global stock exchanges, including London, New York, Toronto, Oslo, São Paulo, Johannesburg, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia

  • Valuation of asset tracts for JV transaction accounting purposes

  • Valuation for corporate restructuring and in administration (Australia, UK Administration, US Chapter 11)

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