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External "Cold Eyes" Reviews •  Value Assurance Reviews • Reserves and Production Audits

Undertaken on its own, or as a part of transaction due diligence, project due diligence is the process of considering project risk and critical success factors over the entire project life cycle through to delivering the ultimate objectives for all stakeholders.

Typically, these reviews are conducted at the key stage gates (from the project’s initial identification through to the operating phase) with the objective of assuring the potential value (derived through integrating cost, production and construction schedules) and that the technical, economic, commercial, organisational and political risks have been fully understood and are effectively mitigated or carried.

Not only can an effective project due diligence identify critical issues but it frequently leads to a better management of stakeholder expectations.


Ulysses Petroleum Management brings the experience to conduct focused external quality assurance reviews of critical stage gate decisions (Value Assurance Reviews, or VARs) and forecast/volume estimates. These are tailored to each situation and objectives but will nearly always involve intensive challenging work with the client's integrated team over a period that may range from a few days to a few weeks. 


The objective of all of these types of review is to identify, and validate, the critical building blocks of the decision.

Experience in Project Due Diligence includes

  • Value Assurance Reviews (VAR) and "Cold Eyes" resource and operational reviews, and portfolio management, for oil and gas projects at screening, evaluation and Final Investment Decision (FID) stages for independents, majors, NOCs


  • Unconventional resource plays

    • North and South America, Asia Pacific, Europe

    • Shale / Light Tight Oil (LTO)

    • CBM

  • Pre-Salt

    • Brazil

    • West Africa

  • Conventional resource plays

    • South and South East Asia

    • Australasia

    • Russia and Central Asia

    • Middle East

    • Latin America, Caribbean and South Atlantic

    • Europe / North Sea

    • North, West and East Africa

    • North America

  • Sour gas

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